Pro Betting Systems Review – The Ultimate Betfair Manual

Sadly there are hundreds of gambling systems on the market which have no solid foundation and which will inevitably lose you money. For every good betting system manual which appears there are at least twenty bad ones! The launch of the Pro Betting Systems manual has genuinely got me excited as it comes with superb pedigree and includes 18 profitable Betfair systems.

Pro Betting Systems is a joint project between fourteen of the betting industry’s experts. I’ve been making money on Betfair for some 10 years now and these are the guys I’ve followed along the way to learn profitable strategies and develop my own knowledge. Names like Malcolm Pett, Jason Thompson and Clive Thompson are well known as the insiders who can truly deliver profits from betting.

The Pro Betting Systems manual is 119 pages packed with information – no fluff around how to set up a Betfair account or how to place a bet. There are 18 different systems all in this one manual and they are each explained in detail and illustrated with examples. This is actually a complete course in how to make money on Betfair and as well as learning the specific systems every reader will learn more about betting strategies, information sources and potential ways to profit. 먹튀검증

When I started out I had an initial goal to make £100 a day on Betfair and if this manual had been around then I would achieved this very quickly! Everything from laying horses, tennis trading, in play football betting and arbitrage trading are covered. The Dutching system is a particular favourite of mine and explains how to bet on a number of outcomes in a race or event to lock in profits.

Football – or soccer – systems have always been a favourite of mine and there are several included in this package. Even though I’ve been a betting system enthusiast for over ten years I learnt some new approaches here and will certainly be increasing my weekly profits.

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