Benefits of Glacial Renew Lavender Facial Clay Mask

Facial skin is the most sensitive of all skin types and has to be protected from dust and impurities which makes the skin oily and tightens the pores. Healthy skin or otherwise has to be nourished with minerals and proteins to retain the glow of your skin. Facial clay masks are one such natural remedy which, when applied thrice a week, takes total care of your skin regime.

The main ingredient for face mask is clay. Clay facial masks are solid, thick and earth moist and excellent for deep cleansing which leaves your skin completely moisturized and hydrated. There are different kinds of clay masks for different skin types like green clay for tissue repair, white clay for normal skin, red clay for sensitive or immature skin, pink clay refines the texture of the skin and yellow clay to restore tired and neglected skin.

Each type has its own properties which are determined by where it comes from and how deeply it is mined. Another clay form is the Glacial Clay Mask which is gaining increasing recognition for it wellness and anti aging treatment. They are rich in minerals like Potassium, with antibacterial properties and have an astringent effect and Sulfate, which works with potassium to aid in maintaining healthy skin.

Glacial Renew Lavender facial clay mask is the finest discovery of natural remedy used for spa treatments and for home relaxation. They have many advantages to it as this refreshing natural facial clay mask deep cleans and leaves your skin glowing and vibrant.

Another clay mask for special healing and rejuvenating effects, which parallels to none, is the Montana Glacial Clay. This pure glacial clay comes from a prehistoric formation located in northwest Montana. It naturally detoxifies and exfoliates skin. Glacial clay, one of the finest clays, is excellent for softening skin and promoting cell regeneration. Naturally dark glacial clay has superb drawing power to deep cleanse and to unclog pores. Tail Activewear Coupon

The Dark Glacial Clay is great for use on the face or body for those who suffer from oily or problem skin, as this skin type requires a clay with the ability to deep cleanse, remove toxins, and stimulate circulation.

Benefits – The pure glacial clay mask moisturizes the skin, leaving it with a silky, smooth and nourished feeling. They will restore the limberness of your skin by replenishing the water content. It helps in removing dead skin cells, bacteria and toxins from the skin. Glacial mask can also be applied on the body as it tones the skin and improves it texture and stimulates blood circulation.

Usage Direction:
-Apply a thin layer (1/16 to 1/18 inch) over the skin, avoiding eyes and mouth.
-Allow to dry to its natural light green color (15-20 minutes).
-Rinse with lukewarm water or remove with a warm, damp cloth.
-Use twice per week for normal skin, more frequently for oily skin

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