Yoga: Trend Or Treasure?

By | December 29, 2017

While for some yoga is a spiritual practice, for others it is purely physical. Modern yoga as we know it has only been around for only a century, but that doesn’t mean that claims it can help cure physical ailments are meritless. Certain types of yoga can be very effective. It’s unlikely that yoga will cure cancer, but how about a bad back?
Let’s look at a some popular yoga genres to find out.

This form stresses a constant flow between many poses and stretching positions. It also places importance on breath control, moral behavior, medication, and other spiritual practices.
The flow of these poses may ensure that the back does not become over stretched, but is strengthened along with the core.

It’s all about movement. It more resembles an aerobics routine than anything you might think of as yoga. There isn’t a big emphasis on the back however and one the poses, known as “the miracle bend”, is dangerous for those with spine issues. It does reward practice with a strong core, however.

This yoga started with an attempt to heal physical ailments nearly 100 years ago. It focuses on many basic poses that target health problems. It will do wonders for the alignment and not risk straining you too much. However, there isn’t much movement so you might not strengthen your stomach and back as much as you’d like to.

Vinyasa mixes the poses of Hatha with more movements to give a good balance. Sometimes it includes chanting and more spiritual elements, but there are many classes that focus just on the physical routine, which can be great for your back.

Is yoga right for you? That depends on the back problem.

People with lower back pain should feel encouraged by early research that has found yoga routines effective for relieving pain – more so than conventional stretches at least.

For most backs, some stretching is good. Good advice for anyone is to not overdo it. If you feel any strain on your back, STOP. Do not do any of the advanced moves that make you feel like a pretzel.

It comes down to this: yoga really stretches out and strengthens the muscles and tendons in the back and can also improve alignment of the spine. Anything that does this, exotic and esoteric or not, will improve lower back pain. It helps if you develop a strong core.

If you can find a class that is specifically oriented for back problems, this might be great for you. Just make sure that the teacher is certified and knowledgeable and check with your doctor or physical therapist first.

While there may be initial difficulty or tightness, it is okay to combine yoga with the medicine Carisoprodol. With pain medications, you have to know not to push yourself just because you feel okay. Cairosoprodol is a muscle relaxant, though it is often mixed with aspirin, and will make it easier to stretch and exercise a bit. Carisoprodol will not disguise your pain though, and still take it easy and be careful when using it to help improve your back condition.

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