Trick Yourself to Sleep

By | April 15, 2018

Have you ever had those moments where you’re getting ready to sleep; part of your body feels sleepy and you’re actually relieved that after an entire day of work, you will finally get some sleep? Then as you turn off the lights (perhaps you have a small light on in the room), roll into bed, and put the blankets on top of you, you wait for yourself to fall asleep…

You look up at the ceiling and realize that the tiredness you had, the sleepiness you had, is in fact wearing out and now you are slowly becoming restless! “Oh no,” you think to yourself, “What do I do?”

This happens to me often and sometimes I get frustrated. The entire day I wanted to sleep but when the moment comes, I end up not wanting to sleep. Sometimes what I do is trick myself to sleep.

What I do is, instead of turning off all the lights, I turn back all the lights on. I lie in bed and look at the lights. They are annoying but that’s the point. It’s to say that instead of lights turning off and the darkness representing sleepy time, the lights are turned back on and the light represents getting back up, when my part of my body is still tired. Then I pretend that the day is not over; that in fact, I only have ten minutes to rest instead of the next 8 hours before I get back to an entire days of work again.

When I do this, my mind goes into an irritated mode. “I only get 10 minutes of sleep – what?” “I don’t want to get up…” I go into a whiny phase and close my eyes, saying to myself, “I only get ten minutes of sleep, better make the best use of it.” I find myself suddenly getting sleepier, as if how I would feel if I really only got ten minutes of sleep before going back to work. I wouldn’t waste of minute of it.

This mode is similar to one when waking up 10 minutes before school starts and realizing you have woken up 10 minutes before you usually wake up. You go immediately back to bed; no questions asked.

It’s also similar when you were younger and your mom or dad says, “Wake up!” You tell them ten more minutes… ten more minutes… and they say okay. You keep repeating that process with them five or six times. You’re afraid of the ten minutes being over and you don’t want it to be over, thus you make the best use of it going back to sleep, and each minute that goes by before you have to wake up feels so good.

By doing this, you’re sort of like tricking the mind using reverse psychology (but you got to really believe in it or it won’t work!). You’ll start to either look at the lights so long that consciously your eyes might start to close themselves naturally because of light irritation and subconsciously, you’ll start daydreaming about random thoughts you had during the day.

If this happens, you’re body will follow up and soon you’ll regain your tiredness again, falling back asleep. So that’s it. That’s my trick to tricking yourself to falling asleep and I hope it find it useful for those times where you’re on the verge of sleeping, but your body wants to stall for another 2 to 3 hours being awake in bed.

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