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Pevonia Skincare Solution Rosacea Skin Kit

Rosacea skin pack (your skin care solution) your skincare solution rosacea skin pack contains: pevonia skincare pouch rs2 gentle cleanser 50 ml e 1.7 ounce bottle rs2 gentle lotion 50 ml e 1.7 ounce bottle rs2 care cream 20 ml e 0.7 ounce tube. Decongests, controls breakouts Desensitizes while vaso-constricting Repairs, relieves blotchiness

Banatrol Plus Banana Flavor: A natural solution to stopping diarrhea and loose stools without side effects. (21 pack)

High soluble fiber formula from banana flakes works through absorption to solidify the stool to reduce the length of time and severity patients suffer from diarrhea. Contains Bimuno Prebiotic, clinically proven to enhance beneficial bacteria in the gut to restore normal stool formation. Effective for diarrhea and loose stools from: •C diff- doesn’t slow gut… Read More »