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RecoverORS Clinical Electrolytes | Hydration for Hangover, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Diarrhea for Adults | Oral Rehydration Solution ORS

RecoverORS is an oral rehydration powder specifically designed for the adult body. RecoverORS is made by pharmacists and in accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and specification. ** No artificial colors or flavorings; no preservatives ** RecoverORS helps to restore electrolytes lost due to (1) Diarrhea, (2) Vomiting, (3) Fever, (4) Excessive sweating due… Read More »

Pevonia Skincare Solution Rosacea Skin Kit

Rosacea skin pack (your skin care solution) your skincare solution rosacea skin pack contains: pevonia skincare pouch rs2 gentle cleanser 50 ml e 1.7 ounce bottle rs2 gentle lotion 50 ml e 1.7 ounce bottle rs2 care cream 20 ml e 0.7 ounce tube. Decongests, controls breakouts Desensitizes while vaso-constricting Repairs, relieves blotchiness