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Valueheart Dog Heartworm Medicine

by Gareth1953 All Right Now Valueheart is a generic heartworm medicine. Made in Australia for the last ten years, Valueheart is now available worldwide. This heartworm preventative is based on the same principles as the leading branded heartworm pill, Heartgard for dogs. Being a generic pet medication, Valueheart contains exactly the same active ingredient as… Read More »

Valuheart Heartworm Pills

by mirsasha Valuheart heartworm pills are a generic form of Heartgard for dogs. They use ivermectin to destroy all larval heartworms picked up by an infected mosquito bite. If used every 30 days these forms of heartworm tablet will guarantee your pet is never infected with the disease. Many vets recommend using Heartgard pills. This… Read More »

Nuheart Heartworm Medicine

by Internet Archive Book Images Preventative heartworm medicine is becoming more commonly used, as the America Heartworm Society and veterinarians now recommend a heartworm preventative for all our dogs. It is great that there is a straightforward way to prevent our dogs becoming infected with the heartworm parasite. The only drawback is that they must… Read More »