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Dog Aspirin Pain Relief Ideal for Dogs with Arthritis and Joint Problems Pack of 2 Total 240 Tablets

Excel Aspirin for Dogs is a safe and effective solution for dogs battling with aches or pains. These tablets have anti-inflammatory properties, making them ideal for dogs with arthritis and joint problems and especially helpful for dogs recovering from surgery. Each tablet has a safe coating on the outside, so it’s gentle on your pet’s… Read More »

Treating My Dog’s Diarrhea

Like you and me, dogs can get diarrhea. Dogs can get diarrhea in a number of ways, just like humans. So that you can address your dog’s diarrhea you need to know what’s causing it. Below are some common causes of dog diarrhea: – giving your dog human food – feeding foods that your dog… Read More »

Dogs and Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is a common and serious condition that can affect many dogs. It is probably one of the leading causes of death in older dogs. There are two forms in which the disease can manifest itself, acute or chronic. The acute form can happen so quickly and suddenly, while the chronic form begins slowly… Read More »