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All about Cognitive Dysfunction or Doggy Alzheimer’s

by ryangs What is Cognitive Dysfunction or Dog Alzheimer? Yes, the dreaded Alzheimer’s Disease in humans can also affect dogs. Basically, that’s what the term Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome means. This is a disease that tends to affect older dogs. However, there are also cases of Cognitive Dysfunction in younger dogs. In a nutshell, Cognitive Dysfunction… Read More »

Degrees of Cognitive Functioning Loss

by Internet Archive Book Images Your first question may be “What does Cognitive Functioning mean? Cognitive functioning includes all of the following: Orientation to Person, Place, Time and Situation, Attention Span and Concentration, Memory, General Intelligence, Abstract Thinking, Insight and Judgment, and Perception and Coordination. Two ways of testing a person’s abstract thinking is by proverbs and… Read More »

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Imagine what life would be like if you: Felt more alert and energized throughout the day. Could enjoy foods that don’t “agree” with you. Didn’t get crushed during allergy season. Never felt bloated or gassy. Could fight off bacterial, UTI, fungal, and yeast infections more easily. Got better results from your workouts. Maintained a higher… Read More »