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All about Cognitive Dysfunction or Doggy Alzheimer’s

by ryangs What is Cognitive Dysfunction or Dog Alzheimer? Yes, the dreaded Alzheimer’s Disease in humans can also affect dogs. Basically, that’s what the term Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome means. This is a disease that tends to affect older dogs. However, there are also cases of Cognitive Dysfunction in younger dogs. In a nutshell, Cognitive Dysfunction… Read More »

Diarrhea Remedies You Should Know About

by globochem3x1minus1 No one likes to admit that theyre living with diarrhea. Its a socially embarrassing problem that is often difficult for people to talk about, even with their doctors. However, leaving diarrhea untreated can be very harmful to your health, and could even cause a fatality if the fluid levels are allowed to drop… Read More »