Modern Man – How to Approach Women

By | November 8, 2017

There are several successful ways on how to approach women. Listed are scenarios that can help you to approach women that you are interested in:

If you are at a business convention you can walk up to a woman who knows the business. She may live in another region yet have the same type of job as you do. Ask her a question on what she thinks about a specific part of the business. The two of you can easily talk for hours on the business, after all that is what the two of you are there for. Once you have broken the initial ice, you can talk about other things and make sure you show your sense of humor. Women love a man with a sense of humor. In fact, if you ask women what is on their list of the perfect man, a sense of humor is usually within the top five qualities.

Another way how to approach a woman at a restaurant is to walk past her and tell her, her food looks really good. (This is a good way to give a compliment without complimenting her. You can save the compliments for her for a later time.) If she does not answer, you can ask her if it is good. She will answer you and you can ask her if she comes to this restaurant frequently. If she does, find out if she knows other good dishes. Next, you can ask her if next time she would like to join you for lunch or dinner. Do not hang around the table too long as she is eating a meal and it would be rude. Being rude is a deal breaker in getting a date with a woman.

When approaching a woman do not appear overly eager. This will only make you look completely desperate. Women want a man to pay attention to them in a kind yet confident way. Play it cool and do not act nervous as this is a turn off to women. You will find yourself laughed at and turned down if you do not listen to this important piece of information. Perhaps ask the woman a question, when she replies, ponder her answer and then finally reply to her. When you speak do not talk too fast. This will show that you are not nervous around women.

Always approach women with a smile on your face. As mentioned, women like a man who is kind yet not overbearing. If you come on too strong, this is another sign that you are very desperate and will try to get any woman that will pay attention to you. Women do not like to feel they are being hit on by a desperate man. Women want to feel like they are important and the only woman that catches your eyes.

You have learned how to approach a woman by asking a question, complimenting something she is doing and how not to appear to be overly eager.

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