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  1. Vudozragore

    Benzo's are heaven/hell drugs. They are extremely effective in controlling anxiety and panic disorders. They are also extremely addictive. Doctor's like Klonopin because it has a long half-life. Apparently, some people do have a body chemistry that keeps them from getting addicted, or it could be how they take the medication. I have been on Benzo's 19 years. I have CFS. I tried an adrenal supplement for it and it caused the panic disorder. So at age 34 I was put on Benzo's. I'm almost 54 now. The addiction started around the one-year mark. It nearly killed me. Now I wear 2 watches so I can take my morning and evening dose to the second. My body is synchronized to a 3rd watch that I don't set the alarm on so I won't run down the battery. That is the one I take my pills by. Also, because each pill is a different weight I bought a precision scale and I file each pill down to the same weight. But each batch of the drug has a different amount of medicine in it so some months I'd start feeling sick and I had to increase my dose ever so slightly using the scale. AND, pharmacies like to change the brand you're on so that has been a battle. I had a close friend who committed suicide because of her Klonopin addiction. She was an OB/GYN nurse, with CFS. That was about 15 years ago. Now, I'm taking care of my elderly mother who lives with me and still managing my addiction (with the help of a wonderful and very understanding psychiatrist). Oh, my dose is 1mg twice a day. I hope this will help someone. Good luck and be careful.

  2. Kazizilkree

    I was taken off of ativan 1mg x3 per day and switched to klonopin. This drug made me ache all over and my joints, had crying bouts and sever depression with very dark thoughts. I finally got switched back. I hate this drug. Made me want to sleep all the time as well zero energy and aggressive.

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