Efficacy of klonopin in treating symptoms of manic depression

By | 05.10.2017

efficacy of klonopin in treating symptoms of manic depression

Manic symptoms can rapidly escalate over a period of days and Some patients initially seek treatment for depression. .. Clonazepam (Klonopin) . doses to twice daily or once daily at bedtime if tolerated and efficacious. Reviews and ratings for clonazepam when used in the treatment of bipolar d/o, depression, anxiety all common MISDIAGNOSES in thyroid disease). and importance in the manic phase of manic-depressive illness. Arch. Gen more efficacious than lithium in treating two manic symptoms-motor activity and.


3 thoughts on “Efficacy of klonopin in treating symptoms of manic depression

  1. Teran

    This medication gave me back my life!My panic attacks got so bad that i could'nt eat sleep or function. I lost 40 pounds in a month, i was just a shell of a man. Wanted to die checked in to a mental hospital and after beging put on klonopin and zolft it has saved my life my marriage and i can fuction now in puplic. This truly has been a miracle drug for me i would recomend it to anybody with a panic disorder.

  2. Douktilar

    I do like this medicine because it helps me to control my nervousness and instant reactions to stimuli much better than without it. I almost can pretend I'm normal. And because of its long shelf-life, if I want to reduce my dose because it can make me feel moody and lethargic after continuously taking it for a while...there's no side effects other than feeling better. Its easy to manage my own mood by upping or lowering my intake on the same prescription. I may go a week without it and feel fine, but when I start to get heart palpitations and my mind blanks out when I'm confronted, I begin to take it again. That way it helps me to stabilize but I'm not relying on it ALL the time.

  3. Voodoorn

    Its taken away my heart palpitations that were caused by anxiety. Although I have found that I am exhausted all the time. I can sleep all day for days. But not having the palpitations in my chest is great.

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