Buy klonopin no script online order online pharmacy klonopin withdrawal symptoms

By | 26.08.2017

buy klonopin no script online order online pharmacy klonopin withdrawal symptoms

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  1. Viran

    Have been taking 2 to 2.5 mg per day for many years. The only med that has alleviated my anxiety. Am 67 and have had the problem since childhood. Don't know why but it's too late to unravel. Suspect I'm wired that way or its hereditary. Was very successful but life was a constant struggle until I got help at age 48. Would not want to be without it despite the docs concerns about addiction. The horror stories about withdrawal are over blow. I wean off once in 6 weeks. No re-occuring issues. Therapy never had any lasting effect. Too late to consider stopping now and I don't know why I should. The trend against these meds is unfortunate.

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