Apo-klonopin and online overnight delivery

By | 18.10.2017

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Apo-klonopin and online overnight delivery - them require

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3 thoughts on “Apo-klonopin and online overnight delivery

  1. Kihn

    Stay away from this nightmare drug it can in most likely cause depression and more it's dangerous i had withdrawals for months horrible.......

  2. Gobar

    I have been on kolonopin for almost a year now & it has been an absolute life saver! I had horrible panic attacks, scared to drive, couldn't even go shopping without getting dizzy and anxious. Anxiety has taken over my life, the panic attacks are so scary I thought I was going to die. I'm very greatful to have this medicine. I've heard of problems with dependency but I don't know what I'd do without it, I'm also on zoloft & I feel like I have my life back!

  3. Shaktigor

    I was on klonopin 2mg twice a day, since 1995. I had to stop taking it 6 days ago, since my doctor refuses to prescribe it any longer. My primary care doctor, in Brooklyn, NY, gave it to me with no problem. However, since I moved to Jersey, it is a nightmare trying to find a good doctor. It is my Jersey doctor who would not prescribe it any longer, and the withdrawal is killing me. I literally feel as though I am losing my mind. Even as I type this, it is as if I am in a dream (or a nightmare), I am dripping with sweat (very unusual for me), my stomach is killing me, I have a huge headache, and am exhausted. My anxiety level is through the roof as well. Exactly, how long can I look forward to this party? If I can tough it out until I feel normal (although I was on this cause my anxiety was out of control), I cannot decide whether or not I will commit homicide or suicide.

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