Buying klonopin

By | 24.12.2017

buying klonopin

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  1. Zum

    Hello I have been on klonoin 0.50 and an antidepressant for 17 years it saved me from my panic attacks. A year ago I lost my husband tragicially he was only 38 and recently the antidepressants stopped working and I have just upped the klonopin to 1.5 mg to stop the attacks. I have tried 4 different antidepressants and they have done nothing but give me horrible side effects. Although klonopin is addicting it also has given me my life and help me get through the roughest time of my life.

  2. Samunris

    I was diagnosed as early as nine with GAD as the years passed it got so bad that I was put on disability at the age of 27 for a year. I had lost many jobs and relationships. I became an agoraphobic and this lasted almost 2 years. I have been seeing an amazing Dr. and he recommended Klonopin since it was longer acting. I told him I would think about it as I had been taking ativan for years and assumed it was working (while I was still trapped inside my house, panic would subside a bit in my safety zone with the ativan.) Anyways, after many sessions with my Dr and trying many medications I was diagosed with GAD, Panic Disorder with Agoriphobia. I had never even heard the term panic disorder but it fit me to a T. Nothing has worked better for me

  3. Samuzilkree

    My doctor started me on .25mg a day. Just after 4 months I am already taking .5mg twice a day. The medication is very effective for my daily anxiety, but I have noticed that my body is getting immune to it. I will discontinue should I need another increase. The amount that I take now does cause drowsiness and working in the medical field, I do need to be alert. Also, be aware if you do take this drug that it can be very addictive.

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