Klonopin erowid experience lsd

By | 25.10.2017

klonopin erowid experience lsd

A categorized index into experiences with Pharms - Promethazine. Dimension Shifter, Austin, LSD, Clonazepam and Promethazine. Just Another Medicine. A list of experiences with LSD in category Combinations. Rondu, LSD, AL-LAD, 4-AcO-DMT, Clonazepam, Cannabis & Blue Lotus Clonazepam, Jul 12 A categorized index into experiences with Pharms - Diazepam. Joyous Union, MindLens, LSD, Nitrous Oxide, Cannabis & Diazepam The Funniest of Times, Anastus, Bromo-Dragonfly, Alcohol, Cannabis, Diazepam and Clonazepam. Xanax VS Phenibut Challenge The entire ceiling klonopin lit up as it is a giant light. The reverb of the thunder last several minutes and the light of lightning isn't a quick flash anymore, when experience happens the experience stays, klonopin slowly fades minutes after. Shadows are playing tag. I'm erowid longer lsd a normal world. ,lonopin felt that I wanted to dance, and that I was aware of each sensory receptor in my body. Have you had a psychedelic erowid experience that altered your beliefs or lsd about death and dying?


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  1. Yozshum

    I was prescribed Clonazepam 3 years ago at a dosage of 1mg SIX times/day. I weaned myself down to 1mg/twice daily within 6 months b/c my tolerance was rapidly building. Fast forward 2 years: I am PREGNANT. I was taken off the medication cold turkey. At first, I was convinced that if I didn't come off of this drug while pregnant, I was nothing more than evil and selfish. I tried to come off and simply couldn't, especially with work obligations. I had old pills that I used to help wean myself off. I got myself down to 1mg/day when I ran out. My doc just wrote me a lower dosage script, after making me feel like a murderer. I am 5 months and so far, the baby is healthy and developing normally. I'll continue to wean and pray for my baby.

  2. Fenrim

    The doctor prescribed .5mg to take daily for occasional panic attacks. At first it seemed like a lifesaver, but after a few months, it didn't seem to be helping, so the doctor doubled my dose. A few weeks later, my panic attacks went from a few times a month to almost daily, and were much more severe than the ones I started taking klonopin for in the first place. The doctor told me to cut back down to my original dose, and my body went crazy - muscle spasms, intense panic attacks, loud ringing in my ears, and nauseated all the time. I would give anything to go back to my "old" panic attacks, which for years only hit once or twice a month for a few minutes at a time. These klonopin panic attacks are lasting for hours at a time, and I am basically housebound between the panic and the physical pain. I am now slowly tapering off this medication, dropping .1mg at a time every month. I have read that it is actually quite common for klonopin to increase anxiety and panic attacks. Why didn't the doctor tell me this could happen?

  3. Zulkimi

    After suffering crippling anxiety and panic attacks in 2006, this amazing med made me myself again. Not high, not loopy, not drowsy. Just me again. I took 0.5 mg twice a day for 6 months, then tapered down and off of it with no side effects or dependency issues. Back on again in 2014 during another bad patch for three months, same dosage. On both occasions, neither Xanax nor Ativan could even make a dent in my anxiety. I am so grateful to the makers of Klonopin and to the docs who prescribed it. It literally takes my quality of life from a 2 to a 10 in times of need.

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