Klonopin delivery anonymity meaning in bengali

By | 03.01.2018

klonopin delivery anonymity meaning in bengali

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  1. Zululmaran

    I've been on this for about a year. Very low dosage and take only when need. Works much better when I'm having an anxiety attack take 1/2 of a 1mg and I calm down within minutes. Only when I take regular is when things seem sad, I feel sorry for everybody, I'm more scared than normal. All I do now is take half and pray it works wonders. Now I'm barely taken the half because God has made me feel more better. But if I do have a bad attack I know I could take 1/2. Try to only take when you are having a major attack and half gives you more control. You take something long enough your body depends on it. But if you only treat a medical issue for that moment your not co dependent. Good luck to all us special people. We truly are one of a kind. Even if we are sensitive. Just take control don't let it control us. We know we need our meds but just take half for each attack.

  2. Yot

    As a Mental health therapist with anxiety I tried this to test it out having my doubts. This drug works very well for someone with ADHD, OCD and anxiety. Keep an eye on the dependency factor, overuse will cause addiction and health issues.

  3. Milar

    Klonopin has worked VERY well for me. I have anxiety/panic attacks. My nurse practitioner prescribed this drug (1 mg)for me but after a few weeks I still was having anxiety attacks. According to her she said they should have gone away by now but they didn't. I could tell she didn't want to keep prescribing it to me because she said it could be addicting. So I went to see a psychiatrist who had no problem with me taking this drug. It made me feel NORMAL!!! I don't get high from this medication at all, it just makes me feel normal. I have always been high strung all my life and to me it's been a miracle drug. He prescribes me 1 mg. 2x daily. All I ever take is 1 mg and if I can get away with biting the pill in half and get relief then that is all I will take. I do or did have concerns about addiction and my psychiatrist told me it wasn't an addicting drug as long as I don't abuse it, which I don't. He also asked if I drink alcohol and I may have a few drinks a few times a year or even go years without drinking(just not my thing). He then asked when I do drink do I get drunk easily which I don't. He said for me not to worry about it then and he didn't see me getting addicted. I don't have any side effects that I know of but I have noticed when having sex I have a hard time reaching orgasm. Does anyone else have this problem?? Otherwise to me it's a wonder drug that makes me feel normal and I love that!

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