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By | 17.10.2017

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  1. Nikokasa

    I have been dealing with severe anxiety and severe panic disorders since a traumatic experience in my life since the age of 16 @ that time I was prescribed Xanax which I did not want to get addicted to so after 3months I tossed them.....then the severity hit me again at age 30 due to more traumatic events I could no longer control and that is when I started taking Klonopin on a regular basis for the last 6yrs and it is more like the miracle drug for the severity of my condition....I would definitely recommend Klonopin over Xanax anytime .....thanks Doc I could not ask for a better understanding of the different meds if it wasn't for having one of the best Doctors in the U.S. "signed the most difficult patient probably in all his patients "

  2. Maubar

    I started having anxiety or panic attacks 30 years ago and "suffered" through them for almost 10 years. My psyc wanted me to experience the anxiety to show how it wasn't harmful and I'd get over it. We'll guess what, I never got over them and a I had my GP wrote me out a prescription for Klonopin to take as needed and it has worked out great. Although I am not "cured" of my illness, I am able to function, enjoy life and do things I didn't think would be possible without it. All without any physical side effects. Btw, numerous times I've had skin cancer removed from my face while sitting in a chair for 4-5 hours. I've had dental implants in my mouth, which went on for 2-3 hours. All this was possible with Klonopin.

  3. Tolkree

    I have been taking Klonopin for almost 2 years for Generalized Anxiety Disorder & Depression. I also take Effexor. The Klonopin has worked great. I had previously tried valium, but it made me sleepy and caused memory problems. I take 1 1/2 2 mg tablets after work and I sleep like a baby and wake up in a mellow mood from the residual effect.

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