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  1. Tagal

    last 15 tears of taking Klonopin have been a total improvement of my quality of life. and an improvement in anxiety to the point where I am like the friendliest guy in town so to speak. where as before taking Klonopin I had severe social phobia . as a result the stress was definetly related to making me get cancer at 40 years of age. it works. buspar and all the other more popular anti anxiety meds did not work and I don't want to stop taking Klonopin.

  2. Kazrataur

    I tried several other medications to treat my anxiety and panic attacks, this is the only medication that made me feel good without feeling like a zombie.

  3. Vom

    klonopin was fast-acting and highly-effective for my anxiety. Be aware though! Very bad experiences developed on the few occasions I couldn't get a refill. The withdraw is immediate and the world literally stops. I could not think, eat or breathe properly. Eventually I began taking it just to avoid withdraw symptoms. I took it for ten years and got slowly weaned off of it.

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