Where to buy klonopin cr online store

By | 08.08.2017

where to buy klonopin cr online store

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3 thoughts on “Where to buy klonopin cr online store

  1. David

    It at times leaves me dizzy with slurred speach. I am a drinker and taking klonopin doens't mix but my dr doesn't have a problem with it.

  2. Datilar

    I have taken this for about a month now. My doc knew I was scared to take meds at night so I took them in the morning. After getting sleepy not to long after taking the meds I broke down and started taking it at night. I finally know what sleep is again and am happy that the meds seem to be helping but I just wish I wasnt so tired after getting at least 6-7hrs of sleep.

  3. Malazuru

    Klonopin saved my life!!! I have been having panic attacks since I was 8 yrs old. Klonopin is the only benzodiazepine that helps take the panic away. Life saver!!! Don't worry about the sides it can't be worse thn the attacks.

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