Online pharmacy fedex cod klonopin generic manufacturers

By | 21.12.2017

online pharmacy fedex cod klonopin generic manufacturers

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3 thoughts on “Online pharmacy fedex cod klonopin generic manufacturers

  1. Akinoshakar

    I had my ovaries removed (out-patient) 5 years ago at age 41. Next day (never fell asleep) I had paralyzing fear, but had no idea why. My husband took me to the ER where my heart rate was 173! I was in the hospital for a week; 3 days no sleep. I was given Klonopin; it was AMAZING! I had been admitted for my first ever panic attack! After leaving the hospital I continued having insomnia and panic attacks. My GP now prescribes 0.5 mg as needed. I have a bottle in my purse and by my bed. I only take HALF a pill, ONLY WHEN NEEDED; and RARELY do I take the other half 30 min later. Just knowing I have a med that works on hand reduced # of attacks. When used RESPONSIBLY, Klonopin is a LIFESAVER! Never take more of any med than you actually need!

  2. Tojora

    I noted marked decrease in intellectual ability and memory. I need to go off this med for Neoropych testing and 48 hour EEG, although I have high stressors in my life so I need to take it. When I wean down I get sinus tachycardia. Hr of 122 at rest. Taking Klonapin makes HR decrease to 80's.

  3. Dakree

    Several years ago my life long difficulties with startles escalated to classic hyperekplexia. After some research, my suggestions to both a geriatric psychiatrist and movement disorder specialist agreed to try Klonopin ... .5 mg twice/day. Worked fine to decrease intensity and frequency of "attacks." I also have dystonia and as the cervical "storms" increased, they increased Klonopin to .5 three times a day. Helped some but does not extinguish the disorders ... nothing will. One just has to avoid the "triggers," if possible.

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