Buy generic klonopin no visa for philippine

By | 10.09.2017

buy generic klonopin no visa for philippine

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2 thoughts on “Buy generic klonopin no visa for philippine

  1. Timothy

    I used to have panic and anxiety very bad, for many years I self medictaed with illegal drugs. Finally, at 29 yrs old I wearily went to a doctor who gave me klonopin and an anti-depressant. In one hour I gradually felt all the panic go away, anxiety was gone. I really smiled for the first time, the world was great. I was contemplating suicide a day before I was prescribed klonopin, this drug saved my life. I continue to take it 1mg twice a day with lexapro 20mg. My life is good and I am happy, but now my mental health doctor reads that benzo medication "may" lead to dementia,etc. So now she wants me to stop taking it, she says she does not want her name on anything linked to her prescribing benzos. Now I must detox? Find another Doctor!

  2. Viktilar

    I was prescribed Clonazepam 1mg and was told to take 1\2 -1 pill every 12 hours, this medication I have taken for three days now and it has helped me feel more like myself, I had been suffering for 4 months with too many symptoms to mention, and I am thankful for finding the right medicine for me.

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