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By | 06.10.2017

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3 thoughts on “Order cheap klonopin maine bangor

  1. Taujora

    I take Klonopin for anxiety, 2 mg - 4 mg per day as situationally needed. It is not habit forming and I have no side effects. I can go several days without needing it, then when I do it's very helpful to bring calm and relaxation and significantly reduce depression. I think some people on here are confusing the side effects of Lexapro and other SSRIs commonly prescribed along with Klonopin. More than likely it's the SSRIs that are causing the nasty side effects and withdrawal symptoms, as I went through that myself when I stopped taking the anti-depressants. I find Klonopin by itself to be high effective without any negative effects, and I have stopped all other SSRIs because of their sexual side effects and worsening of depression.

  2. Zulushicage

    I was prescribed clonazepam, 2mg, 3 times a day for 6 years. I was dropped because my doctor moved out of state. It is The only one that has ever helped to calm my anxiety. I need a new doctor that understands.

  3. Tashura

    I tried several other medications to treat my anxiety and panic attacks, this is the only medication that made me feel good without feeling like a zombie.

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