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By | 18.11.2017

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Evite: Order klonopin no prescripton louisiana ruston

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  1. Shazuru

    When a person has mental symptoms , they're supposed to have medical workup always. The reason is many medical conditions mimic mental illness until treated. Then zero symptoms forever (mentally). If a person has Myxedema (severe hypothyroidism), gets misdiagnosed as mentally ill (schizophrenia, bipolar, delusional d/o, depression, anxiety ...all common MISDIAGNOSES in thyroid disease), Klonopin can induce coma. This happened to me and then they realized I was not mentally ill. Had no symptoms since healing from this dreadfully dangerous drug. Read "Physical Illness presenting as Psychiatric Disease" before taking any psych drug. Any sedative, hypnotic, even Advil can cause MyxedemaComa 40%chance death. See Iatrogenic Coma & other articles.

  2. Kazibar

    I am diagnosed with Major Recurrent Depression and Anxiety/Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia. Following a hospitalization, I had been prescribed Zoloft 100 mg and Valium 5 mg x 3 per day. This combo worked great for 3 years!! Then at a recent doctor's appointment for med review, it was suggested I try Klonopin .5 mg x 2 per day. What a disaster!! I would experience anxiety daily in the afternoon and headaches. The only change to my daily regimen was the Klonopin. I know everyone has different reactions to medication but I was more than glad to return the unused portion of Klonopin back to my physician and get my Valium back.

  3. Sakazahn

    This medication is magic. The first few times you take it (if you take it before bed, I usually do because that's when a majority of my panic attacks occur), then you might wake up feeling zombie-ish for a few times in the beginning. For me, that side effect passed. Now, it's amazing for me. My best friend was on Xanax and she said it would just knock her out and by the time she woke up, it would be worn off and she would then panic all over again. Klonopin has not been like that for me because it has a longer half life, which means it stays in your system in effect for a longer period of time. I will say this - be careful. Honestly, I took 1/2 of a .5mg pill for a while and it did me well. Be safe with your usage and you'll love it.

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