Order klonopin no prescription georgia dunwoody

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order klonopin no prescription georgia dunwoody

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Order klonopin no prescription georgia dunwoody - When first

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  1. Tauzahn

    I've had panic attacks since I can remember. I recall my family DR.telling my mother that I would eventually need something for my nerves. I developed an irregular heartbeat around the age of 20. Of course, I am the last person who needed that symptom. I would go into a full blown panic attack and end up in the ER. My family Dr talked me into taking Xanax. I took .5 3 times a day like clockwork. Along with Tenormin for my afib.for 10 years . I then switched to Klonopin .5 3? daily. It was miracle. No side effects. After taking the same dose for 15 years, my new Dr dropped dropped it to twice daily. OK for about 6 months. I've been in the ER 5 times in the last 12 months. I need some good advice.

  2. Jujind

    This medication gave me back my life!My panic attacks got so bad that i could'nt eat sleep or function. I lost 40 pounds in a month, i was just a shell of a man. Wanted to die checked in to a mental hospital and after beging put on klonopin and zolft it has saved my life my marriage and i can fuction now in puplic. This truly has been a miracle drug for me i would recomend it to anybody with a panic disorder.

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