Klonopin purchase klonopin purchase cost order klonopin without script

By | 10.10.2017

klonopin purchase klonopin purchase cost order klonopin without script

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3 thoughts on “Klonopin purchase klonopin purchase cost order klonopin without script

  1. Nezragore

    This medicine made me confused, slur my words, exhausted. I was basically living in a fog for over five years. No amount of sleep helped, I needed to take a nap every day and would still be tired when I woke up. I had difficulty thinking, repeated sentences, had anxiety attacks. This medication is only suppose to be given for a maximum of 2 weeks. It's highly addictive and the user develops a high tolerance. Long-term usage can result in brain damage and benzos are the most overly prescribed drug in the world. Withdrawal was horrible, but worth it! I got my life back after getting off of it and I don't have anxiety or seizures, changed my lifestyle, diet and exercise.

  2. Zushicage

    Approximately twenty years ago, I was taken by ambulance twice and once by car to ER where they gave me something that calmed me. It was similar to a seizure. Nothing ever triggered these attacks. It just came upon me very fast. I was enjoying my career and life; I'm very social. My doctor finally sent me to a Psychologist and he diagnosed me with panic attacks. There was a name for this!! I was prescribed something similar to Klonopin and when Klonopin came on the market, he prescribed 0.5mg twice a day. I have had no adverse side effects, only positive. I have never had another panic attack and do not plan to ever stop taking Klonopin. I am the same person I was and live life to the fullest in a new phase of 'early retirement'!!

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