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By | 08.10.2017

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3 thoughts on “Buy klonopin online no prescription new york schenectady

  1. Felar

    You don't need it. It helped at first. After about a year of regular use, it stopped helping, and instead made me very angry. By then, I was taking around 5mg/day, and had a long taper ahead of me to ease the hellish physical dependency. You don't want the taper. You don't want to numb your feelings with this horrible tranquilizer. You are worth more and you have more in you than you want to believe when you sign up for this cop-out nightmare.

  2. Kazishura

    I started having panic attacks at age 26, I'm now 56. Those were the worst things a person could go thru. My first shrink in 86 put me on Haldol. Oh my God, that was horrible. I was on different medications until 1994 when I got on klonopin. That pill is a miracle drug. I don't have to take it everyday anymore but I always carry it with me in my purse just in case. I do take other meds for depression and they also help but nothing like klonopin. Because I hear it can contribute to Alzheimer's I try not to take it daily. That's all I need ontop of my other mental problems. I would advise anyone to take klonopin for major panic attacks but try not to take a lot of it for long periods. Maybe in conjunction with something else u can take less.

  3. Kakree

    I take 2-3 .5 pills a day 'as needed'. I no longer have panic attacks. It took a while to adjust to this medicine, but without it I would not be able to function.

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