Pharmacy online to order klonopin pills description lookup

By | 16.11.2017

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    I have been taking a generic version of Klonopin for 5 years now. At first I took it every day at 1mg doses for the first 6 months. Now only take it when I need it at 0.5mg's. It works great for general anxiety. If you have something such as a major fear of public speaking its not going to kill that anxiety 100 % by itself. Consider taking it with Propranolol. That combination is a miracle worker. But as far as just general anxiety goes Klonopin by itself is great. I've never really had any major withdraw side effects with it but then I'm at a small dose anyways. When I'm taking it I feel really at ease with my thoughts and others around. If you take this please don't be a jerk while taking it. Enjoy the fact your finally not anxious for once and at peace. Some people use it as an excuse to act stupid or annoying. Sure your going to feel nice while your taking it but don't be 'that guy' and give people a bad reputation that need to take it to function normally. You are still in control and your not drunk so be responsible.

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