Us klonopin cod sales past 2

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us klonopin cod sales past 2

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  1. Tygom

    I was prescribed clonazepam by a VA psychiatrist because I was having jitteriness from an anti-depressant (Paxcil). He prescribed 2/mg/day. I had been having seizures - later diagnosed as psychogenic non epileptic seizures - for several years, and while taking clonazepam the seizure frequency was reduced, and almost completely stopped. All the regular epilepsy medications tried had NO effect, only clonazepam has been effective in reducing or stopping my seizures. Paxcil, strangely, made me increasingly violent until I stopped it.

  2. Zulkibei

    The doctor prescribed .5mg to take daily for occasional panic attacks. At first it seemed like a lifesaver, but after a few months, it didn't seem to be helping, so the doctor doubled my dose. A few weeks later, my panic attacks went from a few times a month to almost daily, and were much more severe than the ones I started taking klonopin for in the first place. The doctor told me to cut back down to my original dose, and my body went crazy - muscle spasms, intense panic attacks, loud ringing in my ears, and nauseated all the time. I would give anything to go back to my "old" panic attacks, which for years only hit once or twice a month for a few minutes at a time. These klonopin panic attacks are lasting for hours at a time, and I am basically housebound between the panic and the physical pain. I am now slowly tapering off this medication, dropping .1mg at a time every month. I have read that it is actually quite common for klonopin to increase anxiety and panic attacks. Why didn't the doctor tell me this could happen?

  3. Faemuro

    been on klonpin 1mg twice daily for 1 year now. I its the only thing that works for me. benzos, are the only thing that has been effective. Was in the Marine for 8 years, have ptsd. this med works the best. Xanax was very addicting.

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