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By | 22.09.2017

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2 thoughts on “Order klonopin no prescripton arizona prescott

  1. Yozshucage

    I have taken this for about a month now. My doc knew I was scared to take meds at night so I took them in the morning. After getting sleepy not to long after taking the meds I broke down and started taking it at night. I finally know what sleep is again and am happy that the meds seem to be helping but I just wish I wasnt so tired after getting at least 6-7hrs of sleep.

  2. Fenrizahn

    I went through severe panic and anxiety that debilitated my life. I experienced shakes, suicidal thoughts, fear for no reason, fast throbbing heart beat, no sleep for ten days because of fear my body was dying, 38lb weight loss in 1month, vomiting, foggy mind, couldn't speak, and so much more. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I visited hospitals over 6 times with no answers but the doctor telling me I'm crazy smh. Went through gastic procedures and nothing was found but gerd which is a symptom of anxiety. I finally broke down and took the meds prescribed to me. Xanax was the only one that worked for a short time, and I had taken many medications. Clonazepam is working amazing with no side effects. I feel great along with Zoloft.

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