Klonopin chemical generic and trade name

By | 13.08.2017

klonopin chemical generic and trade name

Generic Prescription Products. Show. 10, 25, 50, entries Clonazepam, Tablet, 2 mg/1, Oral, A S Medication Solutions, , , US Us Monoisotopic: ; Chemical Formula: C15H10ClN3O3; InChI Key. Learn about Klonopin (Clonazepam) may treat, uses, dosage, side effects, drug interactions, Klonopin. Generic Name: clonazepam; Brand Name: Klonopin .. A Klonopin Medication Guide must be given to the patient each time Klonopin is. Lists the various brand names available for medicines containing clonazepam. Find information on clonazepam use, treatment, drug class and molecular. Nabilone may increase trade central nervous system depressant CNS depressant activities of Clonazepam. Drug created on June 13, The risk or severity of adverse and can be increased chemical Melatonin is combined with Clonazepam. The risk or severity of adverse effects can be increased when Klonopin is combined with Clonazepam. Sedating drugs may cause name and over-sedation in the elderly; elderly patients generally should be started on low doses of Klonopin and observed closely. Generic me up for Healthline's Newsletter.


2 thoughts on “Klonopin chemical generic and trade name

  1. Bajora

    I know they say mood drugs affect people differently, but the effects of this drug were very frightening to me. I took it for 3 weeks at 1mg per day and I felt like I lost 3 weeks of my life... as in I remembered it happening, but didn't feel like I was even there. I quit my job, I got pulled over for driving erratically and I cried every night. I felt like there was no way out, and my husband asked me to stop the medication and call my doctor immediately. I hadn't talked to most of my friends, but the one I did told me something hadn't been right but she didn't know what. I've never lost hope like that before. I talked to the magistrate about the ticket I received, got a note fromy doctor... but it turns out the magistrate didn't even need it. He said he was very familiar with the drug and implied that he wished it weren't even on the market. The only other stories I have heard directly from people are similar if not so severe. The drug even earned a comment on 'Silver Linings Playbook.' I am terrified of this drug, and what it could do to other people out there. Maybe it works for some, but as with any mood drug please me extra careful. I am now on Depakote for mood instead and my anxiety has subsided. Also consider a good therapist before messing around with this stuff.

  2. Tautaxe

    This drug should not be prescribed for more than two weeks (and this has been known since the eighties). Most Doctors in the USA don't have a clue about what benzos do to the lives of the patients they are prescribing to, and especially how difficult it is for patients to withdraw from these drugs. I was completely dependent on clonazepam after 30 days, and remained on it for about eight years, before I realized I had to get off of clonazepam, if I wanted a chance to become healthy again. It took me 7 horrifying months to taper off, and I became disabled during that time. I lost about 85% of my long and short term memory during that time. I am educated, but I did not research this drug before I took it. Please don't make that mistake.

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