Saturday delivery on klonopin dosages

By | 22.09.2017

saturday delivery on klonopin dosages

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Saturday delivery on klonopin dosages - don't care

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  1. Taukazahn

    Works good for the most part. My previous Dr. had me on 10mg of Valium for 3 years but when I moved and started seeing another she put me on Klonipin 1mg but my dose was incresed to 2mg twice a day, I was out of town and ran out and started going through withdrawls . My head was fuzzy, I couldnt think I felt like I couldnt get though the day. I lasted for 2wks until I got my refill. Now Im so scared to stop this addictive drug because I already know what to expect. I think I might need a Rehab, what did I get myself into?

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