Generic klonopin from india pharmacy ambien side

By | 04.02.2018

generic klonopin from india pharmacy ambien side

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  1. Mogul

    The doctor prescribe this for my anxiety not realizing what I was taking after taking for a year I decided to look up the clonazepam and found out what I was really taken and how hard it is to get off of it has been pure hell how can something be so good but so bad I tell everyone stay clear of this medication and go alternative because the withdrawals are evil it has been a total nightmare trying to get off of this pill and I am on a low dose .05 this pill was supposed to help my life not ruin it. The headaches are unbearable the nauseous is miserable and the dizziness is in sane everyone please stay clear of this medicine because when you try to get off of it is pure hell nightmare

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