Buy klonopin faq template html

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buy klonopin faq template html

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    When a person has mental symptoms , they're supposed to have medical workup always. The reason is many medical conditions mimic mental illness until treated. Then zero symptoms forever (mentally). If a person has Myxedema (severe hypothyroidism), gets misdiagnosed as mentally ill (schizophrenia, bipolar, delusional d/o, depression, anxiety ...all common MISDIAGNOSES in thyroid disease), Klonopin can induce coma. This happened to me and then they realized I was not mentally ill. Had no symptoms since healing from this dreadfully dangerous drug. Read "Physical Illness presenting as Psychiatric Disease" before taking any psych drug. Any sedative, hypnotic, even Advil can cause MyxedemaComa 40%chance death. See Iatrogenic Coma & other articles.

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    with out this i would be haveing them all the time but it only takes 6hr and you need more...

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