Recommend where to buy klonopin online rx health

By | 09.10.2017

recommend where to buy klonopin online rx health

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3 thoughts on “Recommend where to buy klonopin online rx health

  1. Malasida

    I was prescribed klonopin for my sleeping anxiety. I just have a fear I guess you would call it of going to sleep. My mind constantly races over really bad things and keeps me up all night. I can't fall asleep until I'm extremely drowsy. However, this is an anxiety medication so would I be ok to take during the day at work to calm my anxiety or will it knock me out like it does at night? Just curious that maybe since I have the mentality that I'm going to bed soon is why it makes me so drowsy as opposed to being up and busy at work. I get overwhelmed with anxiety at work sometimes and have nothing to help with it.

  2. Brazil

    This is the drug that was a total game changer for me. I was on effexor and abilify because of severe depression and suicidal ideation (at only 19 :(). While the abilify and effexor helped with the depression, I was extremely anxious, jumpy, panicky, and unable to sleep at all. Klonopin changed all that. I am now able to do anything with no anxiety, no intrusive thoughts, and am visibly much less tense and more relaxed than I have ever been. I can go to work, take public transport, and interact with customers with absolutely NO anxiety anymore. If you sound like me, I highly suggest at least giving this medication a try. It saved my life.

  3. Fegore

    Although this drug can help with panic attacks/anxiety, it is extremely dangerous and is for SHORT TIME USE ONLY. I have recently stopped taking it ( I took it 5 yrs) and have gone through the worst withdrawal, both mentally and physically. Using it long term can lead to dependence and even addiction. It also prevents you from truly living your life because you just go through the motions in a daze and do not learn valuable anxiety/depression coping skills. The moment you are without it, your world comes crashing down. I had severe physical pain (vomiting, muscle aches, fever, sleeplessness, headache) and suicidal thoughts. Use it ONLY when necessary and for a short time. Please be careful and learn about your medications before you start them.

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