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  1. Tygorr

    I have Used Klonopin Faithfully for 8Years; I Am Very Calm and Forever Grateful for this Drug!! I Can Even Drive More without Feeling Nervous and Shaking Terribly. I take 5mg since Day 1 and have never had to Increase My Dosage. Thanks 4 Giving Me my Life Back No Anxiety At All :-)

  2. Mebei

    After being treated on 4 antipsychotics and two mood stabilizers for bipolar hypo manic disorder I have never felt better in 10 years Currently on seroquel 400mg XR ( Three tablets at bedtime) take 1 to 2 mg Klonipin daily as needed. Never felt better. Tried other sleep aids like trazadone and other tcas. Nothing. Best with klonipin because of no cravings of physical need because half life long and one doesn't get a high off klonopin because very slow onset.

  3. Kigazilkree

    I went through severe panic and anxiety that debilitated my life. I experienced shakes, suicidal thoughts, fear for no reason, fast throbbing heart beat, no sleep for ten days because of fear my body was dying, 38lb weight loss in 1month, vomiting, foggy mind, couldn't speak, and so much more. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I visited hospitals over 6 times with no answers but the doctor telling me I'm crazy smh. Went through gastic procedures and nothing was found but gerd which is a symptom of anxiety. I finally broke down and took the meds prescribed to me. Xanax was the only one that worked for a short time, and I had taken many medications. Clonazepam is working amazing with no side effects. I feel great along with Zoloft.

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