Cash on delivery klonopin generic name

By | 14.11.2017

cash on delivery klonopin generic name

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  1. Goltikora

    I took Klonopin daily for about a year due to a bout with anxiety and depression. I was put on an AD and added this after a few weeks as the AD was not helping my anxiety or depression. I took 0.25-0.5mg twice per day most of the time and had to change my AD twice over the first several months to get on the right one. Klonopin helped me alot during this time. I finally went back to Pristiq which had worked several years prior for me and after a few months was back to myself and with my Dr's OK I weaned off of the Klonopin and have been of it completely for almost two months now. I was terrified to stop it since I heard so many horror stories of benzo withdraw but I had no withdraw just as my Dr. had thought. Good luck!

  2. Nejar

    This drug should not be prescribed for more than two weeks (and this has been known since the eighties). Most Doctors in the USA don't have a clue about what benzos do to the lives of the patients they are prescribing to, and especially how difficult it is for patients to withdraw from these drugs. I was completely dependent on clonazepam after 30 days, and remained on it for about eight years, before I realized I had to get off of clonazepam, if I wanted a chance to become healthy again. It took me 7 horrifying months to taper off, and I became disabled during that time. I lost about 85% of my long and short term memory during that time. I am educated, but I did not research this drug before I took it. Please don't make that mistake.

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