Importance of Health Vitamins

By | June 19, 2017

Vitamins are among the micronutrients i.e. the ones required in small amounts. However, they play a very important role in the body. Without them the different organs and systems of our body would not function properly. This would give rise to several disorders. Therefore, it is very important that our body get the required amount of health vitamins.

These different vitamins play different roles in our body. For example, vitamin a is required for keeping our eyes and skin in a good condition. Vitamin B has a role in conversion of glucose in energy, which is so crucial for our body. Like this every vitamin is required one or more specific purposes which cannot be done in their absence.

However, many people face the deficiency of health vitamins. This is because they are present in small amounts in the different food sources. Moreover, most people do not consume ample amount of food sources for health vitamins. The reason for this may be that most favorite recipes do not involve the use such food sources. For example, the better sources of vitamins fruits vegetables, etc. However, people do not quite prefer these foods.

All vitamins are required by any person whatever age he may be. Moreover, all of them are required by both men and women. However, there is some difference, in the amount of vitamins, that these different types of people require. For example, the women health vitamins for the ones who are planning to be pregnant include folic acid and vitamin A. It reduces the chances of birth defects or complications like premature birth, etc. however when they get pregnant they need to increase their over all intake of vitamins and other nutrients to compensate for the ones used by the growing baby. Vitamin E is additionally important to maintain the health the soft skin of women.

Health vitamins are very important for children. They are required for the several processes occurring in the body of the children during growth. Therefore for proper growth of children it is quite crucial that you take care to provide them al the vitamins and nutrients that their body requires. On the other hand, during old age the ability of our body to absorb vitamins from food reduces. So, old people are advised to take additional supplements of vitamins.

Today due to the awareness about role of health vitamins people have started taking care that they get adequate amount of vitamins. The natural health vitamins i.e. the no ones derived from the natural food sources are the ideal sources. This is because these food sources also provide you the other nutrients as well. However, the artificial vitamin sources like supplements are important as well. These supplements are available in different forms. Generally, they are available as tablets. Nevertheless, liquid health vitamins are also popular. These supplements may contain some vitamins for a specific purpose. For example, the supplements containing men’s health vitamins or the ones for old people, etc. Alternatively, supplements containing just one of the vitamins are also available.

Though the natural vitamins are better as absorbed in the body more easily, the artificial vitamins have the advantage that we can monitor their amount. As we know the contents of the supplements, we can take care that we do not over consume vitamins, as over consumption of some vitamins can have some side effects on the body.

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