Food Supplements and Hair Loss: 4 Food Supplements That Cause Hair Loss

By | August 10, 2017

For nearly two decades now, people have been ceaselessly buying and taking food supplements that promise leaner physiques and more efficient metabolisms. There are only two main goals in sight: look good and live longer. People can’t help it; television and online advertisements have increasingly taken the shape of scientific studies.

1. Whey’s for Leaner Muscles, Not for Good Hair

Whey, a derivative of common protein has been marketed for the longest time as a potential well of muscle building especially in men. Protein shakes, protein bars and protein powders abound in the world market, each offering a strong dose of whey in every intake.

However, did you know that taking these products could cause hair loss, especially if you take them far too regularly? No, the whey only has an indirect link with hair loss. However, what can cause baldness are the things they stick into dairy cows to increase meat and milk production.

2. Biological Magnification

In scientific parlance, biological magnification is the process of slowly accumulating harmful or non-helpful chemical compounds in the body. This includes hormones and antibiotics that have been given to chickens, cows and pigs before they are sent to the slaughterhouse.

Just like humans, our common sources of meat also store chemicals in their muscles, skin, vital organs and fat. That’s why vegetarians often warn against the evils of eating red, fatty meat. There’s another reason why eating such meat is toxic.

3. Is DHEA Causing You to Lose Hair?

Go to any reputable health supplement store and you’ll find a conveniently marked shelf called DHEA. DHEA is actually an active chemical compound, and is used by people who wish to slim down. DHEA is popular because it can supposedly counter the vast storage of fat cells in the body.

In addition, DHEA is used to increase the maximal use of sugar. So instead of hoarding so much unused energy sources, you’re burning what you eat as you exercise.

With all these seemingly positive aspects backing up DHEA, it seems that it’s the perfect weight-loss drug. However, it still causes hair loss in both men and women. The reason for this is that DHEA still acts as a steroid when inside the body, precipitating the formation of DHT.

4. Bad News for Those on Chronic Arthritic Treatments

Alternative arthritis treatments focus more on the aspect of pain rather than on the inflammation itself. These alternative techniques teach a patient how to cope with the pain that results from aging and arthritis. However, most treatments for arthritis aim to counter the arthritis itself.

This is done with drugs like Prednisone. Since Prednisone is still a steroid, those who use Prednisone and similar steroid-like drugs for arthritis, rheumatism and similar conditions will unfortunately suffer from hair loss at one point or another.

Nothing can be done about this, unless of course the person is willing to take another drug to counter the effects of Prednisone. As you can see from all these, there’s only a narrow chance that you’ll be able to escape hair loss if you’re dependent on steroids. So better skip them if you want to improve your chances in preserving your crowning glory.

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